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As a brand committed to integrity & authenticity, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to values that resonate deeply with our community.

Why Choose B&R...

Every aspect of Baroque & Rose reflects our commitment to creating a better world for both people and the planet, without compromising on quality.



Irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity, all skin comprises of the same cells designed to function in the same way. The varying “types” of skin are influenced by differences in hormonal levels within the body, which may lead to skin that is drier or oilier. Baroque & Rose Lifestyle products are meticulously crafted to cater to all skin types, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.



Our ingredients are cultivated & sourced from the sun-drenched islands of the Mediterranean. We grow them organically & sustainably on ethical farms to ensure that they are nutrient-rich. All products are also paraben-free, allowing you to enhance your wellbeing, look, feel & live better.


Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals, ensuring that each formulation is created with the utmost respect for animal welfare. With a firm stance against animal testing, we offer skincare solutions that provide peace of mind, allowing you to indulge in luxurious beauty rituals guilt-free.



Sustainability is a fundamental aspect in the creation of every product within the Baroque & Rose Lifestyle range. This philosophy is integrated into every facet, from the ethical farming of our ingredients to the use of eco-friendly ink on our packaging.



Free from animal-derived ingredients or by-products, our formulations embrace the beauty of plant-based ingredients, delivering effective & nourishing skincare without compromise. We stand by our vegan ethos, providing skincare options that are not only kind to your skin but also to our planet & its inhabitants.