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Skin is Skin. Some is dry and some is more oily, however, the skin of all genders is composed of exactly the same cells that are designed to function in the same way. What creates the different “types” of skin is the different level of hormones in the body. Baroque & Rose Lifestyle products are perfectly designed to be used on all types of skin regardless of gender and ethnicity. Nature is the perfect wheel.

For Him & Her

A Subtle Fragrance

Baroque & Rose Lifestyle skincare products have a subtle fragrance that doesn’t leave you smelling like the product itself, but enhances the body’s natural scent. Men and woman harmonise and intertwine when using Baroque & Rose to become a couple truly bonded on another level.


Equally Effective

Our products are uniquely formulated to be equally effective on both the skin of a woman or of a man. There is no need to shop two different product lines; couples can embrace the Baroque & Rose lifestyle and shop together, bathe together, and smell alike through it all.


Ageless By Design

Baroque & Rose Lifestyle products work on all ages; boys and girls, men and women, gentlemen and ladies. Our 100% natural ingredients, cultivated straight from the earth, are safe and effective regardless of who uses them – letting everyone share the same luxurious experience.

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