Debuting in 2018 at the MTV Music Awards and Golden Globe Awards…

Baroque & Rose was created by renowned make-up artist, spa owner, skincare treatment specialist and aesthetician, Miriam Ciantar. After more than 40 years of working in the industry, Miriam sought to fill a gap in the market of luxurious, organic, unisex skincare products that are good not only for men and women, but also the environment.

Not just an organic brand…

Unisex. Vegan. Luxury. Organic. Separately, none of these words can describe Baroque & Rose. B&R is a lifestyle brand, dedicated to those who not only want the best and purest ingredients in products they put on their body, but who also want the best for the environment. Products produced and sold by B&R are made with sustainable ingredients and packaging; everything down to the plant-based ink used on boxes and labels is eco-friendly.

Who Is Miriam Ciantar?

Miriam Ciantar was born in Malta but moved to the United Kingdom at the age of two with her parents and brother. She was raised in South West London where she attended school and discovered her love for history, geography, art and, of course, makeup and beauty. At age six, Miriam started experimenting with makeup on anyone who would let her, but it wasn’t until the age of sixteen when she moved back to Malta with her parents that she got her first taste of being a “professional” when she applied makeup for a friend’s wedding photos. After this experience, Miriam has never looked back and has maintained her love of the beauty industry.

Both in the UK and Malta, Miriam worked as a model. Loving how her looks were affected by makeup and lighting, Miriam began to study media makeup independently, as there were no schools near her at the time for such a profession. Her love of art, history, geography, and costumes influenced her styles and allowed her to develop a wide range of different looks.

At seventeen, Miriam landed her first job as makeup representative and continued doing wedding and media makeup on the side. This job helped expose her to how the makeup industry worked and gave her insight for how she could enter it as a professional herself. Before jumping into the industry completely, Miriam decided to take a break and have a family; she got married and had three children, to whom she dedicated her life until they were of school age. With some free time on her hands, Miriam resumed her work of media and wedding makeup and picked up right where she left off and went on to train and become a licensed aesthetician.

Her next career move came as an opportunity to be Head of Treatments in a spa at a five-star deluxe hotel. Here she developed skincare treatments and honed her business skills, which would help her go on to launch the Malta College of Makeup as well as several beauty salons. Throughout her career, Miriam noticed a lack of organic, unisex products, so Miriam began importing and selling products she could procure, but they were not the quality and luxury style she knew her clients needed. Remembering her childhood during which she watched her father shave and her mother apply makeup, Miriam knew she had to make the product to fill this gap.

Baroque & Rose was born to create new, innovative, and unique luxury products suitable for men and women of all ages. Natural and healthy products are crafted from fresh, organic ingredients that are hand-picked and hand-processed. Environmentally friendly from production through distribution and packaging, Baroque & Rose is the unique and luxurious brand that could only exist after the decades of experience and knowledge Miriam obtained.

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