Sea Fennel


Over the past decade health conscious consumers have continued to turn from synthetic to natural skin care products. Superior tolerability and long-term health benefits are just a few of the many factors driving the big switch.

Fed by the silica in the sand and the plentiful nutrients carried by ocean waters and breezes, Sea Fennel (scientifically known as Crithmum Maritimum) has long been utilized for its medicinal and healing purposes.

Today, Sea Fennel Extract is seen to be one of the absolute best ingredients for skin strength, lustre, and anti-aging effects.

This ingredient is incredible, and has been shown to effectively:

Soften skin

Stimulate the formation of collagen

Unclog pores

Eliminate wrinkles

Reduce fine lines

Promotes cell turnover

Thicken and increase firmness of the skin

Evens out skin discoloration and texture

Slow down and even reverse signs of aging

The secret of this blue-green, beauty-bestowing plant is its rich, bioavailable nutrients!

This is not just a plant-alternative to Retinol, it is a natural upgrade! One of the main reasons for this is that synthetic Retinoids are only partially effective because their nourishment isn’t bioavailable.

What we mean by “bioavailable” is that synthetic ingredients are lacking natural synergists. These natural synergists allow the body to recognize the vitamin, mineral, protein etc… Without this natural component, the body does not realize it’s there, and the nutrient goes unprocessed.