Prevents Wrinkles

The seed oil of pomegranates contains punicic acid, a kind of fatty acid, that helps lock moisture in the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. On top of that, the ellagic acid found in the arils of pomegranate can help reduce the number of wrinkles your skin develops due to exposure to UVB radiation.

Gives the Skin a Glow

As discussed earlier, pomegranate reduces sunspots and pigmentation caused due to exposure to UV rays. This helps prevent uneven skin tone that’s characteristic of aging skin. That apart, the vitamin C in pomegranate also makes the skin radiant.

Fights Acne

Pomegranate can help prevent and fight acne. People who have frequent acne breakouts tend to produce excessive sebum (an oily substance) whether due to hormonal trouble or digestive issues. Recent research holds that acne is caused by the oxidation of certain components of the sebum by free radicals and this is what attracts the acne-causing bacteria. Having low levels of vitamins C, A, and E and antioxidants in the blood has also been linked to acne. Which is why taking antioxidants like vitamins C and E topically and orally has been seen to prevent and treat acne. Pomegranates contain both vitamin C (48% of the daily value) and vitamin E (11% of the daily value) along with a host of other polyphenolic antioxidants. Together, these can prevent the oxidation of the sebum and, thereby, acne.

Hydrates Skin

Pomegranate juice doesn’t help only those with oily, acne-prone skin. If you suffer from dry skin, adding pomegranate oil to your skin care is very beneficial. The punicic acid and trace amounts of oleic acid in the seed oil hydrates and repairs the skin. Moreover, pomegranate has vitamin C, and as studies have Fights Skin Damage

Pomegranate fights skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation by fighting free radicals which are triggered by sun exposure. So, if you’ve been suffering from uneven, patchy looking skin, sunburn, and sunspots, add pomegranate to your skincare regimen. Most studies state that topical application works best.

Firms Up the Skin

Aging is inevitable, but premature skin aging is not. Exposure to the sun’s rays and pollutants indoors and outdoors as well as eating inflammation-causing foods age your skin rapidly. This is where pomegranates can help. The juice and peel of pomegranate contain catechins, a type of highly active antioxidant that can prevent degradation of connective skin tissue and help stimulate collagen synthesis by your body. And it is this collagen which makes your skin more supple and firm for that distinctive smooth look. Helps sagging skin.