Skin Benefits of Figs:

A rich source of skin-friendly minerals and vitamins, including copper, phosphorus, Vitamin A, C and E, these fruits help in rendering a rejuvenated and refreshed skin. Some of the fig benefits for skin are:


The high levels of omega 3 fatty acids in figs helps to keep the skin moisturized and well- conditioned.

Eases Skin Infections and Injuries

Glowing Healthy Skin

The high-water content in fig helps to flush out the toxins and waste from the body, preventing pimples and acne. It also treats eczema and psoriasis, giving you a healthy and glowing skin.

Radiant Skin

The enzyme in figs will help to remove dead cells.

Skin Lightening

The high levels of vitamin C in figs can help to lighten and even out the skin tone.


The peels of figs contain several active enzymes, which can be used as an exfoliating agent to remove the dead cells from the skin.