Argan Oil


Argan Oil for Skin

What is Argan Oil made out of?  Argan oil is native to the Argan forest in Morocco. It is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. Also known as liquid gold. It is used traditionally to cure a number of skin ailments such as acne.

It is cold pressed and specially extracted to make sure that you end up with a high-quality end product.

Argan Oil for Skin Care

Argan oil is rich in vitamin antioxidants and Linoleic acid that help calm irritation. It helps to repair and replenish skin cells thus reversing the effects of premature aging.

It is also packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that deeply moisturize the skin.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

Properties of Argan oil are what make it particularly beneficial for the skin and hair. Linoleic acid present in argan oil reduces inflammation. It helps with inflammatory skin conditions such as skin rash, eczema and insect bites.

Argan Oil for Skin Lightening

Dark spots on the skin are commonly due to acne, dry skin and accumulation of impurities. These over time and with exposure to UV rays cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. Use argan oil to regularly massage and exfoliate your skin for even skin tone.

Argan oil will penetrate deep into the layers of skin to improve skin tone and texture. This is not a magic remedy to fade dark spots.

Argan Oil Anti-aging

Moroccan oil is an excellent remedy for aging skin. The anti-oxidant properties of argan oil prevent oxidative damage from UV rays and environmental pollutants. It is rich in linoleic acid and Tocopherols which fight off free radicals and aids in skin tightening. This improves elasticity by maintaining a firm skin.

Argan oil targets the symptoms of premature aging such as wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.

Argan Oil for Skin Rashes

Linoleic acid present in argan oil reduces inflammation. It helps with inflammatory skin conditions such as skin rash, eczema and bug bites.

Argan Oil for Stretch Marks

Looking for how to get rid of stretch marks? Argan oil is one of the most promising natural remedies to remove stretch marks effectively. Stretch marks are common during and after pregnancy. After rapid weight transformations in puberty and when body building.

Argan oil offers preventive and curative benefits against stretch marks. Regularly massage your skin with argan oil to prevent formation of stretch marks.

Argan Oil for Acne

Since Argan oil regulates the production of sebum which causes acne and helps to reduce sebum traps skin cells and bacteria which cause acne.

Clogged pores make acne worse. Argan oil does not clog skin pores.

The presence of vitamin E helps to remove dead skin cells and encourages regeneration of new ones.

Other benefits:

To soften dry feet and heels

Razor bumps and burns

Nail treatment, cuticle softener

Benefits of Argan Oil for Different Skin Types

Sensitive Skin

Argan oil is 100% natural making it great for sensitive skin types and those that are prone to acne. The healing properties of argan oil are credited to anti-inflammatory agents such as vitamin E.

It can help with problems such as skin rash, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema that are commonly associated with sensitive skin types.

Dry Skin

Argan oil is deeply moisturizing. It is hydrates and nourishes the skin to maintain a youthful skin.

Dry skin is not able to produce sufficient sebum to keep the skin moist. Argan oil balances the production of sebum.

It also stimulates the skin’s ability to retain the much-needed moisture.

Argan oil is hydrating and nourishing thus maintaining a youthful skin.

Acne Prone Skin

The skin may produce excess sebum to compensate for lack of moisture. This causes greasiness and breakouts of acne. Argan oil moisturizes the skin reducing the production of sebum hence creating a balance.

Balancing of secretion of skin oils works as well for those with combination skin types.