Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

Aloe Vera has various natural beneficial properties that bring about both beauty and health benefits used correctly on our skin.  Here are the benefits of Aloe Vera for our skin.

Aloe Vera as a moisturizer

It’s perfect for improving hydration of dry, flaky skin without living your skin-surface with a greasy feel. It has soothing properties that help restore your smooth, supple skin, giving you protection from dullness brought on by dry skin thus living your skin looking more vibrant and natural. It’s perfect for people with oily skin complexion because of its ability not to leave a greasy feel.

Accelerates wound, cuts and burns healing

According to research when you use Aloe Vera for insect bites, burns, bruises, cuts or other injuries it reduces the time they take to heal and also the minimizes the possibility of scaring; time of healing can be reduced by almost nine days.

Aloe Vera penetrates the outer skin layer (epidermis) by as much as four times faster than water, and also it can increase skin cell regeneration and production eight times faster; because it contains polysaccharides which stimulate the growth of new cells.

Helps in clearing blemishes and get rid of acne

Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties (presence of auxins and gibberellins) give it the ability to work wonders in removing stains and reducing acne. There is also the ability to stimulate cell growth fast which accelerates the healing process of acne. Here is an example of remedy to use for the blemishes and acne.

Soothe Sunburn

Aloe Vera has skin protective properties that keep the skin protected from UV light which reduces symptoms of sunburn. The protective layer also helps retain moisture thus helping in soothing sunburns and with cooling properties, anti-inflammatory, it is rich in antioxidants and with beneficial skin minerals Aloe Vera will be perfect for sunburned skin.

Soothes Rashes, inflammation and Skin Irritations

By now you already know Aloe Vera of having anti-inflammatory properties and with additional features like healing, soothing properties and richness in antioxidants you are assured that your acne will be gone for good.  What happens is that these properties deal with the free radicals that damage your cells and cause inflammation and as a result, the redness and irritation that come with acne-prone skin will be dealt with

Aloe Vera has Antibacterial Properties

Aloe Vera has polyphenols that help in preventing bacteria, thus when used bacteria that promote and cause acne will be inhibited and thus avoiding and reducing infection, inflammation, and acne.

Fight Aging

Due to extreme exposure to pollution, dirt, chemicals, toxins, sun rays, etc. on your skin in a daily basis, it leads to early aging showing. Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamins C and E which bring out its anti-aging qualities.  It will reduce acne irritation, inflammation, stretch marks and wrinkles which are known to accelerate the aging process. It also lights blemishes, improves skin elasticity and increase collagen production in the body; All this help shade of a few years of age from your face.

Aloe Vera for acne scars

Aloe Vera is very much useful in dealing with acne scars, it lessens the inflammation, mitigates itching and helps repair and regenerate new skin cell thus improving the look of your skin and bringing it to its natural texture.

Skin Toning

Acne loosens your skin and living you skin rash with loose texture. When you use Aloe Vera Symptoms like this will not appear. Aloe Vera helps in toning your skin living it healthy and beautiful because it tightens the skin pores and also soothes it.