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Our skincare products use modern "skin-science" and the purest Mediterranean ingredients to bring you a quality unmatched by anything on the market today.

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Organic Skin Care Products

Our ingredients are grown and sourced in the sun-drenched islands of the Mediterranean. Organically and sustainably farmed our ingredients are nutrient rich and all our products are Paraben free in order for you to be able to Look Better, Feel Better and Live Better

Our Products

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Pure Face Milk

A gentle cleansing milk, delicately and naturally perfumed, able to perfectly cleanse the face by softly removing impurities and make-up, revealing a fresh and radiant skin, using only natural, organic ingredients and without causing any form of irritation. The active ingredients make it suitable for even for the most delicate and sensitive skin types and its efficacy transcends all ethnicities and genders. Pure Face Milk is also perfect to be used on the neck and décolleté area, leaving the skin fresh and supple.


Pure Face Tonic

Our refreshing and soothing tonic, with its subtle fragrance, brightens the appearance of skin and is essential after deep cleanse. Ideal for restoring the Ph in the skin and preparing it to receive any serum or creams. Your skin will feel clean, calm and revitalised. Ideally to be used with Baroque & Rose Pure Face Milk.


Wonder Cream – Protect & Repair

An infusion of organic, raw, home grown intensely hydrating ingredients formulated to dramatically improve skin tone, texture and firmness. Wonder Cream plumps up and creates radiance while minimizing the appearance of pores, sun damage, pigmentation, as well as acne scars. The deeply nourishing formula replenishes vital nutrients ensuring a renewed appearance and a skin that is able to protect itself from all daily stresses and environmental dermal aggressors.


Pure Contour Eye Cream

Specifically formulated for one of the most sensitive areas of the face, Pure Contour Eye Cream instantly refreshes, tones and hydrates tired and puffy eyes. A triple action anti-age cream that acts on wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles, this unique combination of organic ingredients and Hyaluronic Acid promotes cellular renewal and is a powerful antioxidant.


Instant Beauty & Detox Mask

A unique, innovative and organic solution which directly addresses the increase in demand for an immediate visible result. Visibly improving the skin from the very first application. Stimulating the natural process of skin repair. During the treatment a soothing, hydrating, plumping, revitalizing and softening action will take place. Skin may glow after due to active ingredients; this is considered normal.


Pure Hyaluronic Hand Cream

The first roll-on hand cream designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Easily fits in any handbag and glove compartment and leaves no unwanted residue on clothes. Made with our special blend of Aloe Vera Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive oil, Grape Seed Oil and Citrus Peel, Pure Hyaluronic Hand Cream will not leave you with sticky hands. Instead, they will be hydrated and feel smooth with a beautifully delicate fragrance.


Made using clean, non-toxic ingredients, our products are designed for everyone.

“ I absolutely love the range of products and the ethos behind them. To choose a favourite would be difficult but I do adore the mask which is utterly amazing. The elegant packaging looks expensive and sits perfectly in my bathroom. Top quality products at an affordable price.”

Denise Horne

“ Extraordinary products I have a firmer and hydrated skin. The lotion, cream are very pleasant cosmetics and gentle on my skin. My everyday beauty."

Thank you, B&R.

Bridgette Arakel

"I hate most hand creams as they are too greasy or smell strange, but the Baroque & Rose organic hyaluronic roll-on hand cream, is the best! It lightly fragranced and moisturises the hands to perfection leaving them soft and smooth!"

Nicola Brookes El-Mouelhy

"Beautiful, beneficial and quality sums up these gorgeous products! I especially love Instant Beauty & Detox my absolute favourite product which not only transforms my stressed, tired skin but delivers optimum organic active ingredients and penetrates like no other detox product on my skin giving me instant freshness and an incredible glow. I love the fact that the products are delivered directly to my skin by a mask, which I personally think ensures the best transfer of the active ingredients. I always look fresh and relaxed after I have treated myself with my favourite product! Highly recommend."

Andrea Hall

"great natural and organic Cosmetic products from Baroque and Rose for skin are very beneficial. I personally used them first time and results were amazing. I will strongly recommend these wonderful products to my all friends."

Dr Mansour Malik

"Definitely a new technology of the skin care products! My face feels really moist and smooth and clean. Highly recommend!"

Michelle Lunetti

"I have used these products for the past year and I found them very good and revitalizing. I love the fact that they are made from organic ingredients. Very smooth texture. I highly recommend."

Josette White

"Thank you, B&R, for introducing me to this impressive Brand, I love the wonder cream on my face, and the tonic milk as it rejuvenates my skin to how I like it. I can't wait to try the other products, I love the fact that I can take it on my travels for when I stop over at hotels, I am never without my creams, its really supersonic"

Ame Wells

"Baroque and Rose personifies ethnic sourcing, quality ingredients, sustainable packaging, a unisex approach to a traditionally female orientated sector and most importantly a passion for the client before and importantly after the sale. The products, which are favourites not only to us as a corporate client but also for our family and friends over the past years are exactly where a luxury brand should be positioned. JES Travel Retail have worked with some of the best-known brands over the past 30 years and are honoured to have more recently included Baroque and Rose in this list."

Tim Jobber

I have used Baroque and Rose range their ingredients have helped my skin tremendously. These skin care products contain natural ingredients with high concentration, which helps my wrinkles and loss of elasticity I can also see a visible improvement with my pigmentation.

When applying the Wonder Cream my face feels silky and looks radiant. The mask which is very relaxing makes my skin smooth and radiant too. I love the Roll-on Hand cream which leaves my hands soft and is not sticky at all!

I high recommend these organic products.

Eugenie Grech

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